Nonwoven Seeding Bag Machine

Product Description

Main techical Variables


   Max.Unwinding width    1200mm
   Production speed    30-360pcs/min
   Bag length    20-1000mm
   Bag width    20-1200mm
   Total power    10-15kw
   Dimension(L×W×H)    6.7M×1.7×2M
   Weight    1500kg
   Power supply    380V/220V

Product Introduction:

This machine is suitable for nonwoven fabric as raw material,it can produce nonwoven seeding bag and flat bag.The machine integrate mechanical and electrical.using ultrasonic sealing and LCD touch screen operation,it can produce6 bags one time.Equipped step motor fixed-length.computerized automatic struggle side,accuracy,smooth and steady.Automatic counting can set counting alarm of industrial control device device.Make the production of finished product sealing line firmly,tangent beautiful and high efficiency.lt’s the most advanced and fastest equipment of nonwoven seedling bag and planting bag at present.