Ultrasonic Lace Machine

Product Description



This machine is especially suitable for clothes、accessories, accessories series,
Christmas ornaments,bedding,car cover,non-woven fabrics,leather
Lace,pajamas,underwear,pillowcases,quilt cover,bed skirt,headdress
Flower,gift bags,cloth,chair cover,cup mat,raincoat,curtain,PVE
Handbags,umbrellas,food packaging bags,tent,shoes and hats
Products,disposable gown,mask,cap and medical eye mask,etc.

1.High-speed motor.Full Auto.Rotary platform lace machine.
2.The power could be adjustable according to different material.
3.High power. Frequency is tracking automatically.

Main Technical Variables

     Output Power           2800W
     Working Power Supply           220±50Hz
     Working Speed           0-15m/min
     Effective Breadth           0-98mm
     Output Frequency           15KHz