Processing Process

This machine is suitable for non woven fabric material only, it is the most advanced equipment and has the function of full automatic handle loop sealing. The speed is about 20-75 pcs/min, it equals to 5 workers operating 5 handle sealing machines. It can fully automatic make non woven bag products with different bag type and size, as handle attached bags, T-shirt bags (vest bags), box bags, flat bags, drawstring bags and so on. It has widely used in clothing, footwear, wine, gifts packaging etc. The machine can instead of the traditional hand-sewing and reducing labor and manufacturing costs. It’s very popular in worldwide.

Process Flow:

Roll material - Folding edge - threading rope - hot sealing - folding in half - ironing handle - inserting edge - positioning - punching - hot sealing - cutting - collecting finished products

Non Woven Bag Making Machine
Non Woven Bag Making Machine
Non Woven Bag Making Machine

Quality Control

Explore our production floor and marvel at our advanced nonwoven bag making machine,Our machine provides unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.From feeding rolls to making non-woven bags, each step can meet the diverse requirements of customers from various industries.

Customer Protection

Every nonwoven bag making machine undergoes strict debugging and technical control before leaving the factory, ensuring that customers receive high-quality machines. Customers are welcome to come to the factory for free learning, and we will teach them hand in hand until they receive them.

After-sale Service

We have a very professional after-sales team that provides customers with various learning and problem-solving conditions at any time, with a one-year warranty and lifelong service.



The nonwoven vest supermarket bag (t-shirt bag)has the function of being reusable multiple times and being environmentally friendly.

shopping mall

 Shopping Mall

Non woven handle shopping bags are suitable for industries such as clothing and gifts, and have the characteristics of being beautiful and waterproof.
fruits protect bag

Fruits Protect Bag

Non woven fruit bags can better protect fruits from birds and insects, and black bags can also increase light exposure.

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Whatever types Non Woven Bag Making Machine you need, please request a quote from us or contact us at any time to learn more about our products and services.
Non Woven Bag Making Machine
Non Woven Bag Making Machine
Non Woven Bag Making Machine
Non Woven Bag Making Machine
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